Krissy and Rodly | June 17, 2016 | Baltimore, Maryland

The wedding of Krissy and Rodly.


[CL] First Look: Gaja

The red neon sign near Gaja’s entrance simply reads, KOREAN FOOD. For some this label may conjure images of all-you-can-eat barbecue or steaming bowls of kimchi stew, but they would be wrong. A fitting subscript to the glowing sign might read, “Abandon all expectations, ye who enter here.” (Meagan Mastriani/Creative Loafing) When I walked into…

[CL] First Look: Rreal Tacos

I know for a fact that I’m not the first person to say this but I feel the need to say it anyway. Tacos are the perfect food. They’re not the only food but they are very much a perfect food. Unlike Joe Flacco, tacos are without a doubt elite and no amount of talking…

Highlights from 2015

In a year filled with suck, I’ve found some of my photos prove that good times do exist.

Spontaneous Coworkers | Atlantic Station

Wayne and Carrie, always dressed like they’re about to roll into a look-book shoot at any moment, was more than game. So the three of acted like fools for 20 minutes in the streets of Atlanta’s favorite make-believe inner city safe haven.

Poco Pomodoro | East Atlanta

I’ve been to East Atlanta maybe once when the sun was out so I knew little of the world that existed there before the street lights came on. So when there aren’t hipsters comparing beard lengths at The Midway or debating craft cocktails at The Argosy they hang out at coffee shops, nail shacks, animal…

Tipple & Rose | Atlanta, Georgia

Every year I tell myself, “I’m going to drink more tea!”. And for a week I do really well. I’ll have tea and honey and think about being artisanal with some fancy loose leaf. I even went so far as to factor myself in when I bought my girlfriend a coffee grinder and french press…

Buis-Smith Wedding | June 6, 2015 | Seaside, Florida

Somehow the weather was perfect for Tess and Caleb’s wedding. With the odds stacked against them and despite days of near torrential rain and the always-threatening Florida heat, the happy couple celebrated their love on a beautiful beach in Seaside, Florida and it was perfect. Tess, an actress, and Caleb, an Airman, are used to…

[POTD] Fixed*

  It felt every bit of 15° on Thursday morning in Decatur. Probably colder when the wind picked up. I came across this pot hole (okay, really large and unfortunately placed rut) that received an ice filling. Providing a temporary solution for a problem that certainly needs more attention. However nobody’s giving it a second…

[POTD] Who needs shoes?

While on assignment I found a pair of shoes tied up and thrown into a a tree in the parking lot of a MARTA station. Transportation is funny.