[CL] First Look: Rreal Tacos

I know for a fact that I’m not the first person to say this but I feel the need to say it anyway. Tacos are the perfect food. They’re not the only food but they are very much a perfect food. Unlike Joe Flacco, tacos are without a doubt elite and no amount of talking heads will be able to convince me otherwise.


For the second time in as many months I was able to photograph at this new authentic Mexican taco place that just happens to be on the first floor of a relatively new multi-million dollar luxury sky rise apartment building. Yes, that’s weird to me too. But as inauthentic as the location is, once you step through the front doors it kind of makes sense. There’s a refreshing burst of culture in the sometimes sterilized Midtown scene that  all revolves around the owner’s friendliness and constant want for your experience to be the best experience you’ve ever had. After both of our shoots, instead of offering the cold food we photographed, he offered to make me a fresh batch of everything we shot so I could try it the way it should be. Adrian is the kind of owner who I think deserves success. ALSO and maybe more importantly, his food is quite awesome. He doesn’t serve the traditional chips and salsa and nachos are nowhere to be found on the menu but it doesn’t matter because once you try Rreal’s crispy avocados, nothing else is really important. They’re that good.

There are 1,200 miles or so between Atlanta and Mexico, but Rreal Tacos in Midtown aims to lessen that sense of distance through food. If your idea of Mexican fare involves queso dip and nachos, you’ll be surprised to learn that Rreal serves neither. Its mission is to be an authentic taqueria south of Buford Highway.

If an authentic taqueria hinges on quality ingredients, great service, and quick ticket times, Rreal fits the bill. With prices only slightly higher than the taquerias along Buford Highway, this place is a dining asset to Midtown. The trompo alone will make your taco Tuesday. (Angela Hansberger/Creative Loafing Atlanta)






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