I am a freelance editorial and wedding photographer who just wants to make great photos and have as much fun as possible along the way. I try not to take myself too seriously because I believe the best photos in the world come from a relaxed subject and photographer. Whether it’s the story behind that delicious sauce, the story of how the couple first met, or politics of the local music scene; I love to engage with everything and everyone I photograph. Really I just enjoy hanging out with people, hearing their stories, and trying to capture that story in a photograph.

I was born in Boston, migrated to Arkansas, and somehow landed in Atlanta. I graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in sociology where a diet of ramen noodles, hot dogs, and greasy burgers somehow convinced me that photography was my passion. I live in Decatur with my perfect girlfriend and sometimes perfect dog.


Self Portrait. 2012.
Self Portrait. 2012.


Contact Information:

Email: Eric.W.Cash@gmail.com
Phone: 678.425.4871