Krissy and Rodly | June 17, 2016 | Baltimore, Maryland

In June I traveled for ten hours up the East Coast from Atlanta to Baltimore, packed in a car with my family was… an experience. Not one that is necessarily unique to my family’s road trip repertoire, a 24 hour trip from Arkansas to Boston comes mind, but certainly the longest one since we were all really too big to sit in the back seat.

But it was for a good reason. My cousin Krissy was getting married and we were all excited to be a part of her big day.

This wedding was unique in the sense of they wanted not just one photographer…but four. Me, my dad, and my two younger brothers were all the official photographers for the wedding. It took a little getting used to for all of us but was kind of fun. As much as I love running around and doing everything, it was nice to not have to do that. Shooting a wedding with my family was a fun experiment and definitely taught me a lot about working with other people and when I’m on my own, making sure I’m taking the time to get the one extra shot that would put my photos over the top.

The ceremony was beautiful and at times you could really feel the love lifting the people up all weekend. Getting to see and be around family members we haven’t seen in a while was a very welcomed bonus.

Make-up: Hellooo Gorgeous
Venue: Overhills Mansion



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  1. great pictures really captures the behind the scenes, the scene itself, and the celebration. a friend of my got marry and asked me to snap her wedding it too was fun but i did not stop at the wedding snapping the aftermath after.



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