Spontaneous Coworkers | Atlantic Station

What’s the worst part about work? Meetings. 100%. In fact they might actually be detrimental to the productivity of the office. A seemingly necessary and unavoidable time trap. Luckily I don’t have to attend those kinds of meetings very often. The jobs I work don’t usually require me to spend time being less productive than if I was just actually working.


This day was the exception. My co-workers, not wanting their outfits to go to waste coerced (demanded politely) that we take some photos after we left. Since I had my camera and Sunday brunch was still at least an hour and a half away. Wayne and Carrie, always dressed like they’re about to roll into a look-book shoot at any moment, was more than game.  So the three of acted like fools for 20 minutes in the streets of Atlanta’s favorite make-believe inner city safe haven. The streets covered in what was left from that morning’s rain fall made for my favorite kind of shoot. The shoot where there’s no direction. Just friends hanging out pretending we’re way cooler than we actually are. This sort of attitude, I find, makes for the best photos. The kinds that agencies pay good money for the best photographers, models, and campaign directors to recreate.

It felt so good to photograph not for an assignment or on deadline or really for anyone else. That feeling that my DSLR is tied to work is a horrible one. It’s caused me to stop bringing my camera with me many places I go instead opting for my iPhone (which is just filled to the brim with puppy pictures currently) over the real deal. Working on not making it a physical disconnect that separates me from on-deadline work, but a mental one.

Check out the photos from that day below.

Check out Wayne’s new podcast, The Grey Matter Podcast.

The Grey Matter podcast is a fun, refreshing, comedic collective of 3 average working professionals who love to yap it up about what’s going on in the world. Embracing the point of view of the masses while incorporating their quirky commentary and opinions, giving a new perspective on creative content. You could easily say that anyone who gives the podcast a listen would enjoy, but that would be too black and white this podcast is the grey area in between. – Wayne Brown


Find Carrie wherever there’s good music and good people. Also, Outkast concerts.

Photos by Eric Cash taken on August 30, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. 


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