Poco Pomodoro | East Atlanta

I’ve been to East Atlanta maybe once when the sun was out so I knew little of the world that existed there before the street lights came on. So when there aren’t hipsters comparing beard lengths at The Midway or debating craft cocktails at The Argosy they hang out at coffee shops, nail shacks, animal clinics, and hidden away Italian-American restaurants run by a family serving quick and delicious food.

Who woulda’ thunk it.

When I came to take photos at Poco, they were in the middle of moving into the recently abandoned spot next door. I sat at a freshly bright-red painted picnic table in a sea of boxes, power tools, and invoices that would soon become their home. As tight as that was, it was a huge upgrade from their five seater in the original location.

I was greeted by Philip Carney and his kids, obviously with a lot on their mind. They greeted me warmly and made the food fresh and brought it next door to help me put finishing touches on it.


Definitely worth checking out when you’re looking for a quick bite or before a long night at the Earl.

Photos by Eric Cash for Creative Loafing Atlanta



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