Tipple & Rose | Atlanta, Georgia

Every year I tell myself, “I’m going to drink more tea!”. And for a week I do really well. I’ll have tea and honey and think about being artisanal with some fancy loose leaf. I even went so far as to factor myself in when I bought my girlfriend a coffee grinder and french press for Christmas.

Needless to say, none of this really worked for me. I have three boxes of tea bags in my jelly cabinet and a tub of black mango tea that occasionally makes it out from behind the cinnamon sticks. None of this would be an issue at all if I liked coffee. I’d have places to stop and cool… things to waste my money on? I’m not sure. I just know tea is social drinking revolution I can get behind. Maybe there just need to be more places like Tipple + Rose Tea Parlor and Apothecary in Virginia-Highland. Maybe then people will realize how great tea is.

I went here for Creative Loafing recently and I’m hooked on the concept. Along with the dozens of international teas ranging from fruity and light to a spicy chai, they offer desserts and sandwiches of various sizes. The beautiful space with the exposed brick wall actually speaks to me. IN ENGLISH. WE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER. I can feel the rays from the giant window that makes up the front facade giving me energy to at least START my work which is more than I can say about Starbucks. When I’m not openly gawking at the different types of people walking in and out, I’m convincing myself they aren’t about to kick me out because I ordered a tea and I’m using all of their precious wi-fi. Tipple + Rose feels like the opposite in a sense. I’m sure there are more than a few odd bodies walking in and out of a tea apothecary that sells $10 duck sandwiches and $25/person high tea. It’s a bit pretentious and it knows it. And we’re okay with that.

Make an investment in your happiness. Put a down payment on your creativity. Splurge on productivity. Try something different. Tipple + Rose is a place for that. Doria and Calavino will find something for you.


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