Thoughts on 2014 and recommitment to blogs!

2014 was a whirlwind for me. It was crazy. In so many ways, I’ve never been as busy as I was this past year. Looking back on this site and my photos elsewhere, it shows!


Four posts here in 2014 is a disappointment especially when I have so much to share! So one of my top priorities is sharing more of my work on here, Instagram, Facebook and in life.

In 2014 I started working with Creative Loafing fist with their Atlanta City Guide and then more permanently in October 2014 as the Assistant Photo Editor. I cover every sort of event in and around the Atlanta area and I could not be more excited to join such a passionate and talented team at CL.

So that’s where the majority of my time has gone. I did manage to shoot a couple of weddings and get some freelance portraiture in the past although not as much as I would have liked.

One major change I would like to make in 2015 is shooting for myself more. Taking time to commit to projects that might not pay but make me happy and challenge me creatively is something I look forward to taking on in this coming year.

Ace Pearce of holds one of his geckos to show to a potential customer.MLK_2015-16Cooks and Soldiers_Interior-10

Anyway, I thank you for sticking around and I promise to keep you more in the loop as time goes on.

Here’s to the best year any of us could ever dream of… and then some.

Eric Wesley Cash


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