Daily Inspiration: How to Take Selfies People Will Care About

Use lots of hashtags.
Post everywhere.
Fish for compliments.
Stick your lips out more.
Stick your butt out more.
Show everyone your rock hard abs.

Step away from the mirror. Step into nature. Put some thought into it. Be this guy.

Paul Zizka takes full advantage of the Canadian wilderness and his camera knowledge to make some really thought provoking images. His take on the ever popular selfie brings a human dimension to his work. It’s much easier to imagine yourself in his position when you can place yourself in his carefully composed silhouette. To me, Zizka really showcases the our relationship with the world around us in a beautiful manner. Nature doesn’t need a filter. Check out the photos below and head to his website for more.

(Via Daily Mail)


Maybe I’ll find some time to go out and put my spin on the selfie this weekend…


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