Krause Wedding | April 27, 2014

It’s funny how your past manifests itself in your future in good ways and bad. I’ve been SO incredibly fortunate to have great friends that I’ve known for years that believe in me. What is really amazing to me is the number of people who think about me so soon even when we haven’t talked in years.

At one point I was a shy 14 year old in a new town, about to start high school, stuck going through marching band camp in the middle of the Georgia summer. Uncomfortable was definitely a word that could be used to describe my life at that point. Luckily the South Gwinnett Marching Band of 2004-2005 was full of great people. Great people like Morgan Phalan who helped make high school look like a less scary place by just being a smiling face or stopping to say ‘Hi!’. Morgan is a kind of genuine person who everyone needs in their life. We never were especially close friends in or out of marching band and she moved from the school district during my second year but she was always a friendly face. So when a few months ago Morgan told me she was getting married and wanted to meet about me possibly being the photographer for her wedding, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of her day and return the favor of sorts.

Since then I’ve had the chance to get to know and spend time with both Morgan and Erik’s families while planning every minute of their wedding. They have an amazing supporting cast of parents, siblings, and friends that will guide them through life together. I’m so excited to share these photos and I look forward to spending more time with Mr. & Mrs. Krause in the future!

IMG_0171-2IMG_0114-2 IMG_0099-2IMG_8556 IMG_8526 IMG_8495IMG_8845-Edit IMG_8813 IMG_8881 IMG_0240IMG_8784 IMG_8942 IMG_8914 IMG_8963IMG_0257 IMG_0286 IMG_0293 IMG_0299IMG_9076 IMG_9090 IMG_9086 IMG_9119 IMG_9139 IMG_9150 IMG_9151 IMG_9169IMG_9155 IMG_0310 IMG_0320 IMG_0327 IMG_9182-Edit IMG_9191 IMG_9208 IMG_9214 IMG_9565 IMG_9713 IMG_9728 IMG_9951 IMG_9973 IMG_9538 IMG_9540 IMG_0771 IMG_0724 IMG_0670 IMG_0656 IMG_0620 IMG_0499 IMG_0426 IMG_0349 IMG_0351 IMG_0400 IMG_0805IMG_0519 IMG_0422 IMG_0811 IMG_0823


You can find the full gallery here.

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