Joseph & Sara | Engagement Session

The Internet’s cool, right? I mean think about it, you can type essentially whatever you want, as specific as your heart desires, into a small search bar and within seconds results are returned to you. Ugly Christmas sweaters, limited edition toys, food that’s only grown on the other side of the world, a commissioned art piece made of only pine needles and chewing gum sent directly to your door… well… not sure that one’s actually possible but because of the Internet it could be. But the best part of the Internet for me is the ease of finding people, especially people who have services that you are in the market for.

Sorry if this makes no sense, I just find it all sorts of amazing that I can make a post on a relatively popular Internet forum and I can get an actual response that leads to results.

Anyway, all of this led to me meeting with Sara and Joseph. As a young couple recently relocated from Florida, Sara and Joseph chose me as their wedding photographer and I’m extremely excited. We got our journey underway with a mid-December engagement shoot in Lullwater Park, hidden in the Atlanta’s Emory University. After fighting with Google and Atlanta traffic, we finally found parking and an entrance, and made our way into this hidden Atlanta gem.

It’s difficult imagining being around a couple more comfortably in love than these two. Despite the cold weather and quickly settling sun, this couple was all smiles.


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