Skov Wedding | September 7, 2013

“So this is Abbie, she’s awesome.” / “My name’s Jarrett, you should take photos for the newspaper at my school.” – Approximate quotes from the first times I met Abbie and Jarrett…

When I met Abbie during marching band practice in 2004 I had no idea that in 2013 I would be in a position to be a part of her wedding. I am so incredibly grateful in the way that things worked out. It has been great getting to know Abbie and Jarrett throughout college and sharing memories that have nothing to do with weddings. From covering end tables in beer caps with Abbie as a distraction to Jarrett recruiting me to a college newspaper for a school that I didn’t attend. Their friendship has made the incredibly exciting and at times stressful process of capturing everything from their engagement to their super popular engagement photos, to their actual wedding day.

The couple, starting their life now in Chicago, got married in the church where Abbie grew up. Their wedding day was a beautiful culmination of months of planning, years of friends and family, and a lifetime of love. With the stress of planning and being a part of a wedding over… the fun stuff begins.

See the full gallery here.


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