Daily Inspiration: Layered Time Lapse

It’s been a while since I’ve seen something where I’ve said to myself, “I absolutely need to go out and try this.” That’s the way it goes in the creative world sometimes, right? Creativity and inspiration isn’t something that one can just access whenever needed. It’s something that comes and goes, often at relatively inopportune times. In the shower; when you don’t have access to a pen or paper and even if you did, you’ve still got to rinse AND repeat before doing anything meaningful with your life. But sometimes, every once and a while, creativity and opportunity meet and everything is wonderful.


I’m hoping to find that place soon.


When I do, trying to replicate these photos is going to be pretty close on the top of my list. Fong Qi Wei brilliantly takes a simple process and technique and makes a true piece of art from it. I’m not saying that this is the most technically impressive, mind-boggling, Pulitzer deserving photo project on the Internet, I’m saying that it is just the right mix of doable and inspiring for me right now. And it looks so cool. Thinking maybe I’ll try my hand at a dozen or so and maybe one will be suitable for a canvas in my new place. Or to sell. Who knows.



Fong Qi Wei



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