Jeff & David: Wedding Reception

I like helping people. Not because I like to be the hero or gain some sort of glory, I just like when things go well for people. I like being able to take some sort of pressure or stress away from people and make their lives all the easier, even if it’s only for an evening. So as I was driving back from Tennessee and I got a message from a friend who has helped me out in the past, I didn’t even think twice when I said yes to helping them out.

I hadn’t met Jeff or David before showing up at their wedding reception to take photos but after those few hours and couple of emails we have exchanged since, I feel like I’ve gained a great insight into who they are and the love that they have for each other and that’s awesome. The couple of educators got legally married in New York and came back to Georgia to celebrate their union with family and friends. I wish them the best of luck as their love and family grows. It was an honor that they trusted me to capture such an important time in their lives.

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