Burnsed Wedding | 5.04.13 | Athens, GA

People say that rain on your wedding day is ironic good luck. If this is true, Joel & Liza Burnsed are about to be one of the luckiest couples anyone I have ever known. While the rain might have put a damper on some couples’ special day, the newlyweds and everyone involved took it all in stride. Not a single beat was missed. The bride-to-be and the bridesmaids prepared for the big day on a breakfast of mimosas and lunch of giant slices of supreme pizza inside the beautiful Demosethian Hall on the University of Georgia Campus. Maybe that was the secret to them staying so composed all day.

Liza is a high school friend who I have known since my first day of high school. Over the course of the last year I have been honored to get to know Liza, Joel, their family, and friends better while planning for this day. It all paid off. I wish Joel and Liza Burnsed the BEST of luck in the future and I hope to keep capturing memories for their families for years to come!

You can view more high-definition images and buy prints of your favorites here


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