30 minutes at Harbin’s Body Shop

Sometimes I like to… take my time with things. I’ve struggled with procrastination until my junior year of college and sometimes it still rears it’s ugly head. It’s partially because I always want to do the best job possible and I want to do as much as possible. I also get distracted by my ambitions… and the rest of the Internet.

Where was I? Right. I’ve been this way for pretty much forever and I’ve gotten by reasonably well so far. It’s not the best way, but it’s my way. And recent reports make me feel less horrible about procrastinating and slightly worse about the pressures of modern day society, but that’s a different post fo– nope. Let’s be honest. I’ll end up drafting maybe three sentences and leaving it to rot in the ‘drafts’ section for the rest of eternity.

With that said let’s rewind back to Wednesday night. I settle down in bed knowing that somehow I had to come up with a 10-minute multimedia presentation based on an interview I hadn’t even thought about doing yet. “I’ll get up early, there’s plenty of time in the morning.” After sleeping through my first three alarms and suddenly realizing that my procrastination was going to finally catch up with me, I decided that I could actually wait no more. I got dressed (yeah, I wasn’t even dressed to do anything productive yet), hopped in my car and set off on my search to find someone to interview.

Luckily I didn’t have to go far because for me, like so many others who have found them in a rough situation in Snellville, Harbin’s Body Shop was open in the best sort of way. Harbin’s, a Snellville staple for 35 years is an small auto repair shop with a fantastic reputation and for good reason. I walked in an explained my situation and Tim White, the shop manager who also mans the front desk at Harbin’s, was more than willing to help. In the middle of the day he put down everything he was working on and sat down with me in the lobby for a 20 minute conversation that ranged from our high school days to Pintrest fails. He bailed me out. When I asked to take some photos he gave me full access to the property with a gentle “be careful” warning before settling back down at his battle station.

I have never been so miraculously bailed out as I was that day. I chatted with the workers, took some photos, and hurried back home to assemble my presentation. I have no idea how I made it on time and had better presentations than some people who had started this project when it was originally assigned (#humblebrag), but I did.

Unfortunately, I defeated my procrastination again meaning it will soon rear it’s ugly head and we will face off once again. Hopefully I’ll come out victorious again.



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