Today, I learned.

Everyone has favorites. Directors have favorite actors to work with. Teachers have favorite students to teach. DJs have favorite venues to turn knobs at.

So I don’t really feel bad for choosing favorites either. It’s okay for me to enjoy doing one thing more than another. Picking and choosing what I do based on how much I enjoy it. That’s fine. Everyone does it. It’s expected. But what I can’t do is let favoritism affect work that I’ve already agreed to do or projects I have to do.

Today I learned that I have to treat every project like a passion project. I can’t allow my self to sell other people short because their visions don’t align with my visions. If I am going to continue making photography my business and not my hobby, I owe it to myself more than anyone to give all of my projects equal devotion, dedication, and attention before the shoot, during, and most importantly, after.

And that’s okay because my one passion above all else is photography. So as long as I’m doing that, I’m good.


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