Emory Diwali | 2012

Never will I pretend to be a cultured person. I’m very diverse, I hang out and associate with a large variety of people but I’m not as involved in their culture as I would like. I love knowing people, that’s great and all, but I want to know about people.

A few weeks ago I was asked by a group at Emory to take photos at an event they were having. Being a freelance photographer slash poor college student slash passionate photographer slash lover of delicious food, I already made up my mind before doing any sort of research into the event. Soon after realizing that was a horrible idea, I read up on Diwali and became truly interested and excited about covering this event.

Indian culture can be a visual person’s dream. Everything is full of color and movement and emotion. It is something so deeply embedded into everything in their culture. It’s fantastic. This event I was asked to shoot was Diwali, a celebration of the Indian New Year. Everyone was dressed up in such interesting ways, even people that don’t usually embrace their heritage as much as they do American culture became fully involved. As one of my good Emory friends said “It’s my one day to be brown!” and I think that’s fantastic, being able to hold on to two complementing identities is apparently not as rare as I thought it was initially. This event was awesome and I’m glad Emory’s Indian Cultural Exchange asked me to shoot it for them. I love being able to branch out professionally and personally.



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