Taste of Atlanta | CL ’12

So I’ve been interning with Creative Loafing this fall. Again.

And I still love it.

Besides the free access to some of Atlanta’s coolest events (I promise they’re not paying to type this… or to do anything at all really.), I really enjoy the photo challenges and opportunities it provides me access to. Some of my favorite events to shoot involve lots of people all interacting in situations that they wouldn’t. I guess that’s the sociologist part of my mind.

Really though, when you think about it, well when I think about it, food and people are very similar. All sorts of different colors and flavors that don’t always go well together but once and a wh– actually, that’s way too corny.

I just love food. It’s so interesting. I love people. They’re so unpredictable. I’m done trying to write.

Here are some pretty pictures.

A couple mixes a salad dressing at one of the DIY booths during Taste of Atlanta 2012
Banansas Foster
Wild game on display at Taste of Atlanta 2012
Something delicious whose name is escaping me…
The beginnings of bananas foster.
Salmon for humans (left) Salmon for bears (right)
Seafood Gumbo
Seafood Gumbo

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