How ridiculous does this sound? My parents had to force me to take a 5-day vacation to one of the nicest resorts in the Bahamas.

Yeah, I’m kind of a brat. But I don’t like planes and I had lots of “work” to do. Also, I’m a bit of a homebody and would rather sit around where I’m comfortable and go out with friends during Memorial Day weekend. Meh. Oh well, that’s the way I am.

Did I mention I hate flying and we’d be flying through/over/around/in the general direction of a tropical weather system? Yeah. No fun.

After a mild freak out, I ended up going annnnnd sitting in the hotel room watching the rain fall for the first couple of days. Thankfully, there was a bit of a break from the horrible weather for a couple hours each day and towards the end I even got some sunshine and spent some time on the beach.

What started out as photo project that was supposed to be showcasing the downside of paradise, what happens when it rains during your vacation time and how strange it is, turned into something slightly different. Not exactly sure I’m happy with it, but I also haven’t gone through all the pictures. If I get a chance to go back, I certainly know what I’m going to do so I’m counting these as a test run. So that’s coming up later this week after I get a chance to look over everything.

For now enjoy this photo of the sunset that won’t be included in any photosets or galleries of mine anytime soon, but I still really like it.


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