I think I like this…Maybe.

I’m never really sure if I ever like things that I post or make available for people to view. Every sort of “creative folk” is always the most critical of their own work. I go through about 2 or 3 edits on an easy batch before I finally show something to anyone. But at some point there’s got to be a difference in the edits that are just being way too hard on yourself and presenting the best product. That’s something that is really easy for me to find in other people’s work and not easy to find in my own. Which is absolutely a problem. But it’s the way people work.

It’s why we accost professional athletes for dropping an “easy” touchdown or rip American Idol contestants online moments after they made what they thought was the best choice.

Everyone always thinks they can do it better.

And if they can’t do it better, they sure as hell know somebody that can. So with that mentality still at the forefront of my self-critiques, editing myself down is just torture sometimes. I try not to look at things too long because what’s going to change? Nothing. That’s the point of making photographs. Is to capture like a moment in time exactly the way that it was.

So the more I think about the circumstances around the photo and think about who the picture could have turned out instead of the way it did turn out, the less I concentrate on what a great picture I did make. I know it’s an issue on so many other levels besides photography, but that’s not what I’m talking about, is it? No.

I suppose it works the other way as well. I post some pictures that don’t really deserve the light of day. I post them because I know what’s supposed to be happening and what I was going for in that shot. So I end up posting a crap shot that had potential at one point but just isn’t cutting it. So instead of skipping it all together I patch it up as best I can and sneak it in there underneath the heavy-hitters. That’s just as bad and much more irresponsible than overlooking a potentially great shot.

Do I post what I believe are my best shots from the event or subject? Yes. Absolutely. To me, 92% of every shot I’ve posted deserves to be there. That 92% equates to about 20% (mayyyybe) of every picture I’ve even taken. I’d say that’s not bad. I’d be perfectly okay if one-in-every-five shots was, to me, an absolute keeper. In basketball or plastic surgery, that number sucks. But in photography, that’s a good place to be. I’ll take it.


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