I haven’t taken any photos in a long time ( a whole week! )

I’ve just had so much going on and to think about I’ve forgotten what has really made me happy this past year. I’ve been so worried about trying to grow my brand and my name and complaining about people wronging me, I’ve almost forgotten to just go out and walk around with my camera.

Getting back to that. Soon.

But Eric, what else has been going on in your life? Please tell us!

Of course, reader, I’d LOVE to fill you in.
In short? Not much. In slightly less brief terms? Not a whole lot. Started the new semester at school. I’ve started working more for Creative Loafing, but not in the same sense that I had been working for them. So that’s kind of cool really cool and when it launches I’ll be sure to share!

I’ve been working on a few videos for my friends, trying to help them in whatever ways I can because their success is just as important to me as my success. Some more than others of course, but I do favors. Aside from the favors I’ve been getting a decent amount of paid work portrait work. Well, decent for me at least. I have three shoots coming up a the end of the month which I’m kind of excited for.

So I guess I’m excited. Yeah. Really excited.



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