Keeping with the theme of me doing new things that I’m not used to doing, I recently shot some product shots for an upstart clothing company at my school, Pryourity.

It was definitely a different experience. Making due with what we had… a white sheet and a 3-foot wall, I think we got some good shots. There are lots of thing’s that I’d do differently. Putting the background in a different place for one. One place I found that would work well on the fly is a parking garage. Find an empty section and hang out a big white sheet and it’s great. But, I didn’t do it this time.

I’m sure I edited down some of these images further, but who knows. I think they came out well for my first time doing any of the sort. Especially with a white sheet, the corner of a hall-way and a cheap ring flash adapter.

Check out their A/W 2011 line here


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