Max Patch: Sunrise

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t really want to go camping when the idea was brought up to me 3 months ago. The idea of walking around in the woods carrying around 30 pounds of gear in the middle of winter didn’t really sound too appealing to me. I’d have to give up two shifts at work when I’m struggling week to week. Sleeping in 38 degree weather worrying about bears all night? Nah, I’m good. I mean, it wouldn’t be that bad, just wouldn’t be particularly good.

But the more I tried to talk myself into it, the more I could see myself finding the trip to be interesting and exciting. I started thinking about it as a trip for me and things that I could get out of it.

Obviously spending time with friends would be a good time. But this was also a great chance for me photography wise to just see what happens I guess… Turns out that it was a pretty decent trip all the way around. I didn’t think I wasn’t going to enjoy myself, I just wasn’t particularly pumped for the prospect of possibly not enjoying myself. But such is life. It was beautiful and the majority of my pictures turned out great… I think.

We got up to catch the sunrise… which is always a plus. It was also my first time shooting a sunrise so I kind of winged it because that’s how you learn, right? Right?


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  1. LOL at not wanting to be in bear-infested territory. I’m with you. But that’s a nice picture that came out of it.


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