Apple picking in Ellijay

Sunday I went with my girlfriend and her parents to Ellijay, Georgia for “apple picking” which, while enjoyable, wasn’t at all what I expected. Apparently apple picking is not picking apple from trees like you see in commercials for cholesterol medicine. There’s no frolicking  through leaf piles while gigantic shiny red apples happen into a perfect wicker basket. It’s literally picking through piles of pre-picked apples. They’re delicious and home-grown and you know… it’s not that bad.Just rows and rows of different types of apples. Most of them I’ve heard of. Some of them I haven’t. Around the apples are all different types of apple related products. Apple cider, apple jelly, fried apple pies, apple cider slushies, and various children’s novelties.

Oh yeah and then there was this. Which I awkwardly laughed at for about 15 minutes and nobody really understood why I was laughing so hard… Sorry, I think repressed and ignored racism is quite hilarious.


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