Stankonia and A3C

This past weekend I was asked by a couple of DJs via Twitter to help them shoot some shots of the hip-hop festival, A3C and in the recording studio with rapper Big Pooh.

Rick of Royal Flush making his "Stankonia" face.

As per my style I tried to grab a little bit of a different side that what you’d see at a hip-hop show mixed with the classic concert behind the scenes type thing…

Kid Cedek warms up the stage at A3C

The recording studio was really cool too. My first and definitely not last time in one. It was crazy to know what kind of stuff had gone in there… History. Also, I need a fish-eye.

Big Pooh composing lyrics in a recording studio at Stankonia

It was definitely a good time. I enjoy shooting behind the scenes type stuff about as much as I enjoy shooting a concert the traditional way.

The crowd joins in with a big ol' middle finger

Hope to work this kind of stuff more in the future.

Kid Cedek at A3C

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