The mask is off

At the advice of some other photographers, I’ve started to try and mature certain aspects of my photography. And that means the presentation of some of my pictures. Although posting my favorite pictures on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter are great ways to get feedback from certain types of people, I think it’s time for a space that is a bit more mature and presentable to the general public. So I guess this is why I made this. I keep going to other photographers on WordPress to see how they use this space and of course, everyone uses it in a different manner so that helps me not a single bit. Well, on second thought, it is exactly what I needed. Apparently, in blogging, like photography no two things are meant to be the same. You can give two people identical cameras (platforms), put them in an identical situation (photography), and tell them to do the exact same thing (photography blog), and have two entirely different outcomes. One no better than the other. Just different. Joeff Davis, who I interned with this summer, always told me that looking at the way someone else shot an event was “fucking pointless” because it is impossible to recreate those circumstances in which that photo was taken and you’re missing valuable shots while you’re trying to be somebody else.

So. This is me. Well, me and my photography.

The other side.

The mask is off.


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